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Yukio Kawano

Chairman of the Japan Supermarkets Association
Chairman and Representative Director of YAOKO Co., Ltd.

2016 Director, Distribution and Retail Industry Division
Commerce, Distribution and Industry Safety Policy Group
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japanese Government
2009 Chairman of the Japan Supermarket Association
2007 Chairman and Representative Director of YAOKO Co., Ltd.
1985 Preseident and CEO of YAOKO Co., Ltd.
1974 Reorganized as YAOKO Co., Ltd.
Director of YAOKO Co., Ltd.
1969 Joined YAOKO Limited company
1966 Graduated from the Faculty of Law, The University of Tokyo

Profile of Japan Supermarket Association
Japan Supermarkets Association was founded in 1999 by Mr. Nobutsugu Shimizu, the Chairman and CEO of Life Corporation. It is an industry group of supermarkets that aims to contribute to realization of richer lives for the people by promoting sound development of supermarkets and modernization/rationalization of grocery distribution and endeavoring to ensure stable supply of foodstuffs as a lifeline. It carries out a wide range of activities, such as survey/research, information provision and policy proposals in political/administrative related fields.

Profile of Yaoko
Yaoko Co., Ltd. was established in 1957 and has started full-scale chain store opening from 1968. It has now grown to be the most energetic grocery supermarket in Japan, with 154 stores opened within the metropolitan area. As a “supermarket that proposes rich and fun eating habits,” it continues to take on the challenge of “creating stores that can provide excitements and smiles to its customers.”